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Eclipse Jacket


The handmade, limited edition, ECLIPSE JACKET is unique and original. A stylish and casual new design.  A staple item in any wardrobe. Comfortable, warm, and sophisticated, made with detail and texture. Perfect for casual and stylish encounters of any kind.

Eclipse Vest


The Eclipse Vest (Limited Edition)

This timeless styled Vest is handmade and designed for those cool festival nights

and is sure to turn heads.

Created with cotton, spandex and leather, this piece has a variety of textures that blend

together seamlessly, creating a very comfortable and stylish piece for any wardrobe.


New Moon Vest


NEW MOON VEST is a practical warm layer, can be an additional piece over a shirt or worn on skin. This item comes with an intricate pattern, full of details, made out of high quality 96% cotton and 4% spandex. Perfect for festivals, Burning Man or casual wear.

Pollux Coat – Black


The POLLUX COAT is a intricate one of a kind sewing masterpiece. With an a symmetrical design

this  unique coat will bring you much wearing pleasure while giving you the exclusive feel

only this piece can deliver.

Unity Cardigan Black

Unity Cardigan Black


The UNITY CARDIGAN keeps you snug and warm, a comfortable outer layer that embodies rock star attire.

It is hand-stitched in a lightweight material made from 96% rayon and 4% spandex.

It will keep you warm but wont hold you down because it’s not heavy. Perfect for travel and everyday wear.

The cardigans huge flow hood adds a touch of mystery with even a bit more comfort.

Edgy, sophisticated, comfortable, and warm-
everything a cardigan should be.